Is supima better than Egyptian cotton?

Frankly, both have their pros and cons. Before deciding, let's look at each of them.

Let's look into Supima Cotton...

  1. Supima is a superior version of Pima cotton (Supima = Superior + Pima)
  2. It is the longest and strongest cotton available in the market.
  3. Supima fibres are stronger, Softer and durable than Pima cotton.
  4. It is cultivated only in the United States.
  5. Supima is a brand name trademarked by the Supima Association, so all Supima is higher level Pima.
  6. Supima cotton also feels like silk.
  7. T-Shirt brands use Supima cotton to maintain quality.
  8. Supima is costlier than Pima cotton which is costlier than other cotton varieties.
  9. Supima cotton is verified at every level of the manufacturing process by the American Supima association, who also requires that all companies get a license to use Supima in their products.
  10. Thread Count in Supima cotton is higher than the Egyptian cotton.

Let's look at Egyptian cotton...

  1. Egyptian cotton refers to cotton materials that are grown in Egypt.
  2. Only 20% of the total cotton grown in Egypt is Pima.

According to a recent survey, there are two facts to be noticed.

  1. Most of the Egyptian cotton is not grown in Egypt. They are grown in India and China.
  2. 90% of the total cotton labelled as Egyptian cotton in the market are fake.
  3. Sea Island cotton (Egypt cotton) is long-staple cotton.

So, comparing both the Supima and Egyptian cotton, Supima cotton is the best.


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